Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Nothin says Happy New Year like a new set of pans. Big thanks to Slink! While the heads were off they were cleaned and got new valve springs and guides. Also at long last we modified the S&S backing plate to fit the old style round air cleaner. What an improvement! Its something we've wanted to do for years. Next thing to do is to toss those burned up pipes!

The sidecar bike is still being worked on. The rear wheel needs some serious attention and a new rear axle is on its way. The new forks are on and the new tires need to be mounted on their rims. I also need to order new rubber bushings for this sidecar body and then we can finally start putting this thing back together.


  1. Sweet pan!! I love the shape of that side car too, I need one for my Troublehead.

  2. I've rode about a ton of miles with your old man. My question is, when is he going to rake that neck and put a three gal tanks on that Panhead?