Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun with 5hp

This not-so-mini mini bike was built a few years ago just for fun. Pretty much everything was built from scratch including the springer that actually works. Oil filler cap for an air cleaner cover, piece of vacuum pipe for an exhaust, torque-a-verter, Schwinn bicycle lights and taillights, (it took me 3 years to find another set to make the dual lights). The lights are hooked up to a bicycle generator so they actually work. 20" bicycle front wheel and a rupp minibike rear wheel. Brake pedal is a Honda shifter. The bars are narrowed and cut down XS650 pullbacks. My neighbor stitched up the seat. The whole bike was sprayed down with Testors model car paint. Yeah it took a lot of cans but it was work it.

 I later changed the dished peanut tank to a fake prism tank with lace work.

 And it pulls wheelies! Whats not to love.

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