Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old Foto Friday

Like I said things have been busy on my end. So enjoy an Old Foto Saturday post.

Bagger Madness! I wont deny that this is getting popular again. Its the next thing because its one side of custom motorcycles that hasn't been fully revisited yet. (In this form that is. I know theres a population of real tasteless garbage wagons out there)

This is my ol'man's last harley before he got the pan 4 years ago. He sold this bike around 1988 I believe. Imagine goin almost 20 years of almost no harley ridin! But at the same time, choppers were kinda dead at the time. In the background is his '55 F100. Man, if one thing came back I wish it was that truck! Beautiful candy red, Y block, 3 on the tree. (I can post more on that later, back to the bagger!)

That little bugger right there, you can guess who, about 8-9 months old.

23 years later.... the ol man gets another one. Oh we have plans for this one... You probably have seen the thumbnail of this bike on the main page but theres no link to it. This project has been kinda under wraps and theres a great story that goes with this bike. (I also havnt had a chance for good photos and a write up. But I'll stick to my story of keeping it a secret hah!) Also, once again history kinda comes full circle in spooky ways. If your thinkin this is the bike pictured above, its not, but the background on this bike is still good.

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