Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's been done!

My ol'man tells me.... Veiling gun that is...
Jeff Leightons 1938 Knucklehead "Violet Fantasy"

From here

My ol'man's 1936 Knuck. These are the only 2 good close ups of that paint job. Only the frame was done by the veiling gun. Story goes my ol'man went to Mr. J out of Paterson, NJ to paint the tins and the frame. He told Mr. J what he wanted on the tank and fender, but let Mr. J do whatever he wanted to the frame. Mr. J mentioned he just got a veiling gun and was pretty excited to try it out.

I'm not shorting the Harpoon's work by any means. What ever is old is new again! My ol'man did point out that he has never seen that paint job on anything else other than his old knuck up until now. Whats cool is both bikes have similar color scheme. Congrats to the Poon for his amazing work displayed at the GNRS this year.

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