Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suzuki bottom tree

Next up was to clean up the bottom triple tree so I can figure out what to make for a head light mount. Unlike the harleys, yamahas, etc, there are no tapped holes in the front of this casting. This tree only has one and it's going in the wrong direction, plus its sticking out like a zit. Time to cut it off!

Ground down, and made a v groove for the weld. Also with this casting there isnt enough meat to drill and tap new holes in the front for a mount. So what ever plate I make, it will have to be welded on. No big deal.

No photos of the welding process, (forgot the camera) I just heated the casting evenly using a torch, brushed it clean quick, and then just welded it up with the mig.

Then I smoothed everything out including the rough casting marks all around the piece. Its as smooth as a baby's ass.

All this work I should almost get the bottom tree chromed!

Mock up for the headlight. I almost feel like the light should come up about an inch.

Side view doesnt look so bad.

This view it seems like the light should come up a little. Opinions?


  1. Maybe man, but I don't think I would have noticed it after focusing on all the work to those trees! It actually looks really good to me, but if it doesn't please the builder, then do what you must; I'm a perfectionist myself.

  2. To me it looks to be the right height but it almost looks as though there is a big void behind the light as if it should be closer to the neck. Otherwise, the lines look good!

  3. Thanks gents! Cowboy, you're right. Thats whats bothering me. I want to suck the light in just a bit more towards the neck, so its a little more cradled by the front forks. I started a bracket, but I think I'll trash it and start a new one. Ive got me an idea....