Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little more work on the 550

90% of my time has been going into school work lately and pre-production for my senior project (follow it here) so I havnt had much time to spend on the 550. I had mill class homework due but couldnt get into the machine shop because other students were doing their shit last minute too. So to kill the time and ease my mind I started mocking up the rear fender and sissybar. I eyeballed everything up to about where I want it.

I need to trim the bar and also close the radius of the fender. Theres a huge gap near the bottom and it just looks weird.

I finally got on the mill and got my homework done. Since I was already on the machine, I came up with a better solution for the head light mount. I originally made a plate to weld to the bottom tree, that mounted a small block, that mounted the headlight. It was okay but the head light stuck out further than I wanted. K.I.S.S. suddenly came to mind... There was no need for all this crazy bracketry.

Found a piece of 1x1 solid stock

Milled it down.

Close enough for matching the chrome mounting block.

Made a quick cardboard template.

Vola! Few adjustments to make but that is pretty much the idea. I milled out the block to match the curvature of the bottom triple tree. I just need to make a clean up pass, drill the hole for the head light and then I can weld it to the bottom tree. This new set up will suck the light in about an inch. No photos of that but I can assure you it looks spiffy.

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