Sunday, March 20, 2011

Had a little spring break

Got some work done on the Sportster. I got my forks back, replaced the leaky rocker box gaskets. The frame and a bunch of other parts are headed off for sand blasting and paint.

Took the bagger out for a spin until it got an electrical short and shut down on me. Ended up pushing it back home! Damn thing should come with its own tow truck! I then discovered the rear wheel has 3 broken spokes, one of which is missing entirely. (I guess some things break for other bigger reasons) Kinda glad the bike shorted out now! So just when the bagger was ready to go, its down again for those repairs. It was a fun mile of riding though!

Also got the Yamahopper out again after sitting for a while. New battery and fired right up after sitting for 2 summers. Ive forgotten how much of a little road rocket this thing is!

The pan on the lift in the background is getting a new clutch installed. The sporty tank on it was also modified to hold more fuel (more on that later)

My "shop truck" doing what its doing best, taking up space in the shop. This is a project never posted on here before. This will hopefully be finished this summer.

Finally to end it all with the super moon over the RetroFit headquarters last night. Time to get back to animating....


  1. Thanks, its a bummer that its down again. Im going to have to rewire the whole thing because I dont trust whats there anymore.