Friday, March 4, 2011

Old Foto Friday: 1955 F100

The Old Foto Friday series isn't just for 2 wheels....

This is the ol'man's 55 F100 he bought in the mid 80s. The reason he bought the truck, besides that they are the nicest lookin trucks Ford ever built, is because of a sun visor. His cousin Chris Kusto of Antique Cycle Supply out of Gran Rapids Michigan bought a visor at a swap meet for a 50s Buick he had. He knew it was for an F100 but the price was right to see if it fit anyway. It didnt, so he offered it to my dad. He got the visor and decided to buy a truck to go under it.

This is what the truck looked like when he got it. The ugly hubcaps and stacks were the first to go. It had a straight six with a bad dual carb setup the previous owner had.

Theres the visor and the lady standing there is my mother.

This truck seems to attract photos with motorcycles. Thats my uncle neil and his wife and his kids. The Indian is also his.

Here the ol'man bought a '56 with y-block to swap the straight six. Neil did the engine swap for my ol man.

Here it is finished. This truck as his daily driver for many years.

So sharp!

Unfortunately the truck was sold along with the bagger and he bought a 1950 ford tudor. Which was also a sharp car. Maybe more on that car at some point.

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  1. wow - amazing post. youve got some serious motor-head history. i saw that loserrules used one of these pictures also.