Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Contest! Win the chance to have your bike in a 3d animation

Thats right, I'm holding a contest for one lucky winner to have their old school/vintage chopper modeled in 3D and used in my senior 3D animation "The Requiem Ride." I will be modeling a number of bikes for the animation and thought I should get you guys involved too!

Click the flyer for submission details.

Submit photos of your bike to by April 20. The winner will be announced on the The Requiem Ride blog shortly after. The deadline is only in 3 weeks but it should be plenty of time for you guys to dig up some photos of your bikes! So start sending me some photos!!!


  1. hey capt - i remember seeing some footage from this, it was amazing - will you have copies for sale?

  2. Yeah once completed I'll have copies available. What you saw was my rough animation made by the storyboard panels. From now till this time next year I will be making it into a 3D animation for my senior project. Should be pretty wild!

  3. cool idea!!
    I'll be sending some pics over shortly!