Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sssssisy Bar

Little more work done today. Didnt get as far as I wanted but I was bombarded with students today. By the time I got to working on the bar I was tired and my brain just wasn't functioning.

So to keep the nice diagonal profile of the bar, no kinks, no extra bends, I put a bend in the mounting tabs. I just tacked them on.

I then ran into an issue with the slight offset of my wheels, the frame, fender and the sissybar. I got to this point and stopped.

I realized if I put the left tab on the inside of my axle plate mounts, it lines things back up. I'll run with it. I dont want to add any more bends to this bar. The frame is fine, the sissybar is absolutely even on both sides. I guess its just the suzuki way of doing things with the wheels both offset.

Looks fine from back here!

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